James Byler, CEO, Angelpaw
James Byler, CEOWhen James Byler, the CEO of Angelpaw, was bereaved of his beloved pet, the issues he encountered at the crematorium only ex¬acerbated his heartbreak. Byler observed the lack of clarity and visibility in the operations of pet cre¬matoriums, which in turn, resulted in a multitude of delays and uncertainties for a pet parent like him. Observing this issue, Byler utilized information technology to resolve the problems in the industry.

Realizing the critical need to overhaul the entire pet cremation industry for every party within the ecosystem, Byler founded Angelpaw and came forth with its data-driven, open-access technologies to smoothen the pet’s final journey for the pet parents, the veterinarian, and the cremation center. “Angelpaw is a platform that digitizes the entire pet cremation lifecycle to increase operation¬al efficiencies, reduces errors and processing times, and provides full transparency to all parties within the ecosys¬tem,” Byler mentions.

Based in California, Angelpaw is a global leader in pet aftercare RFID tracking and SaaS inventory management platforms for pet crematoriums, pet aquamation facilities, veterinarians, and pet parents. The data collected by its solutions are made visible to the pet parents via Angel¬paw’s mobile app system, web portal, emails, and text messages. Apart from providing pet parents with opera¬tional insights, Angelpaw’s pet parent portal includes ac¬cess to grief counseling videos and video chats with certi¬fied grief counselors to help them overcome their grief. Lastly, as a recollection of the fond memories of their pet, Angelpaw offers the pet parents to create a celebration video of their loved one, which they can cherish and share on social media platforms. However, the pet parents are not the only ones who lack clarity on their pet’s end-of-life procedures in crematoriums.

Our goal is to digitize the entire pet cremation lifecycle to increase operational efficiencies and accuracy, providing full transparency to all within the ecosystem

With the outsourcing of cremation procedures to third parties, the veterinarian chains, too, face the challenges of poor visibility and communication.

Angelpaw: Empowering PetCrematoriums Pet Aquamation Veterinarians and Pet Parents

This paved the way for Angelpaw’s Veterinarian pet tracking and data analytics portal, where veterinarians can access data via reporting, analytics, and BI tools designed for individuals or multi-location organizations. Order creations are streamlined by integrations into Practice Information Management Sys¬tem (PIMS). Veterinarians and crematories have real-time communication via Angelpaw’s alerts, direct messaging (DM), and video chat. Angelpaw’s end-to-end solutions eliminate redundant practices such as double data entry and printing out tags/writing on paper tags, drastically re¬ducing errors and processing time.

To further avoid blind spots, Angelpaw’s offers au¬dit capabilities with digital audits, pet parent experience scores, image audits, and lastly, the third party, physical onsite audit to ensure a foolproof framework for veteri¬narians to mitigate reputational risk. While Angelpaw’s im¬age auditing provides crematorium station photos, videos and screenshots as the pet checks into each station, the digital auditing (transactional and workflow audit) tracks the procedures performed inside the center. Further, An¬gelpaw conducts pet parent experience surveys, followed by net promoter scores (NPS), to provide better insights into the efficacy of the process, and help veterinarians and crematoriums to improve their services.

In a nutshell, Angelpaw provides a holistic solution to all pet crematory needs, from crematory portals that map and manage stations pet check-in/out to driver’s handhelds that manage fleet pickups/drop-offs routes to administra¬tion portals with full reporting, BI, and invoicing–either direct or through QuickBooks or NetSuite. Digitization fa¬cilitates crematoriums to quickly identify bottlenecks in¬side the facilities, enabling them to efficiently channel re¬sources and improve the operational workflow and sales.

Using Angelpaw’s digitized system, crematoriums can abandon antiquated systems involving manual operations and instead automate data collection. Since its inception in 2020, Angelpaw has ignited several success stories. In one such instance, Angelpaw helped one of their clients which are the second-largest crematorium chain in the country. To help the client achieve a competitive edge in the market, Angelpaw digitized its entire crematorium ecosystem such that it can be monitored from a central corporate location. This solution added massive value to the client’s business. The centralized operation management system enabled the client to maintain the same structure and workflow in all of their care centers across the country. Angelpaw holds roughly five percent of the market share with tech-based innovation in the afterlife pet care arena and aims to double it by 2022.

To expand its market share, Angelpaw plans to intro¬duce new diversified products in the market. The company plans to launch an application for pet cemetery manage¬ment and medical waste tracking generated inside a vet¬erinarian clinic using the same digitized platform. There¬fore, Angelpaw, with its game-changing tech platform, is motivated to be a one-stop-shop for all pet parents, crematoriums,aquamation facilities, and veterinarian part¬ners.